This is something that you will learn about concerning your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The personal financial management course is something that you must complete once you have filed for your bankruptcy and before the discharge of the bankruptcy. It is different from the credit counseling requirement. This is a 2 hour course that you must take through an approved agency. Your Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer should be able to supply you with a list of those agencies that have been government approved.

Getting Counsel

These are not non-profit agencies so they can charge what they like, but if you are not able to pay the full fee they have to provide you with a sliding scale fee. You may feel embarrassed about having to take this course but it’s not like you have to attend in person or reveal to anyone that you are even taking it. It is available online or even through the mail.

Once you have successfully completed the court you will file what is called a Form 23, which confirms that you competed the course and along with this you must obtain a certificate of completion form from the debtor education agency and file this as well.

Your bankruptcy lawyer will inform you as to the proper steps that must be taken for everything that relates to your pre discharge counseling obligations. Your deadlines for filing your proof will depend on which chapter of bankruptcy you have been involved in.