There are several different types of bankruptcies and which one you are eligible for depends on your circumstances, and whether you meet the set criteria. The most common forms of bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. If you are concerned about a confirmation hearing then this relates to the chapter 13 form of bankruptcy.

When you go through this particular bankruptcy you will be developing a repayment plan. Once this has been completed then all of the creditors that are involved in your bankruptcy get an opportunity to review it. This will give them a chance to eight agree with it or dispute it. Usually when there is going to be a confirmation hearing its either because the bankruptcy trustee doesn’t like something in the repayment plan, or one of the creditors don’t agree with something. The bankruptcy trustee may feel that the payments listed in the plan are not fair. One of the creditors may feel they are not getting their fair share in regards to the payments. In either case an objection can be made. This objection will then be heard by the bankruptcy judge during a specific hearing called a confirmation hearing.

If you have retained a Louisville bankruptcy attorney it may not be necessary for you to attend the hearing in person, as your legal counsel will represent you.