As this blog has discussed on several previous occasions, many residents of Louisville, Kentucky, who find themselves in financial trouble may consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy as an option for debt relief. As has been explained, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves making and performing a repayment plan in which all or part of a debtor’s disposable income goes to repay the person’s creditors.

Our law office can help families who are in financial straits decide whether a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for them. In some cases, the family just senses an ongoing obligation to repay their debts in full to the furthest extent possible. Other times, a family just makes too much income to qualify to file Chapter 7 and must file Chapter 13.

However, we also help people determine if there are some practical reasons to consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In some cases, one’s employment situation, or what property he or she owns and wants to keep, will be the deciding factor in whether a person should file a Chapter 13. Chapter 13 bankruptcies are also good ideas in many cases where a person is behind in house or car payments and is therefore in danger of foreclosure or repossession.

Of course, our job isn’t done once a person decides to file Chapter 13. Our office will help debtors to complete and file the necessary paperwork to get the process started in federal court. We also can help come up with a payment plan that will be both affordable and legally acceptable to the court. If there are any questions or issues, we will work to clarify them in front of the bankruptcy court.