By law, you should have received your W-2 tax forms from your employer no later than January 31st 2014. That means everyone should have their forms by now and be readying to file their taxes. As you sit down to plug in your tax information, or meet with your tax accountant to file, consider this: what are you going to do with that refund?

Many will take the refund and put it in savings, pay off a credit card, buy a new fancy toy, invest it, or other various options. However, three in five working Americans have increased mortgages, credit card balances, and installment loans which are exceeding the money they can save for retirement. What does this mean? Debt. A lot of times tax-payers get into such a debt-hole that it seems like there’s no way out. So what should you really be doing with that tax return? Hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

Yes, bankruptcy sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be. What’s scary is not being able to save any money for retirement or emergency funds. Instead, get a fresh start and a clean slate. So before you even attempt to chip away at your debt with the tax return money you’ll be receiving, wait. Take the money you get back, and hire a lawyer and get your entire life back from debt.

Begin rebuilding your credit, maintain your property, discharge your taxes, and get creditors off your back. Call our office of Richard A. Schwartz Bankruptcy Attorney and let us help you see the end light at the end of that tunnel.