Basically when a bankruptcy discharge is given it means, that person cannot no longer be held liable for the debts that were covered in the bankruptcy proceedings. This means that those creditors cannot harass you for the money owed or take any legal action against you. They are not allowed to send you letters or contact you regarding that debt. The bankruptcy laws are very complex and not all debts are dealt with in the same way. This is why it is so important to have professional help like an experienced New Albany bankruptcy attorney take care of your bankruptcy case for you. 

Finding Relief

If a creditor has a lien against some form of your property that was put in place to secure your debt, then this might still be enforced. If it was not made unenforceable during the bankruptcy case. So this means that creditor could still take possession of that property after going through the proper legal channels to do so. You need to know exactly what debts are being included in your bankruptcy action.

You also need to know that you are proceeding under the right bankruptcy relief for your particular situation. The rules and regulations for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are different than those for Chapter 13. You also need to know the differences between business bankruptcy and personal bankruptcy. You need to take a close look at all your debts and determine which have been secured and which have not. If the majority of your debt loan is secured then you need to follow the advice of your lawyer to determine the best way to proceed with your bankruptcy action.