Generally speaking the U.S Trustee oversees some of the workings of the bankruptcy case trustee. The majority of times the individual filing for bankruptcy has no direct dealings with the U.S Trustee, however this individual is still playing an important role through each person’s bankruptcy case. Your New Albany bankruptcy lawyer will be well aware of the role that the U.S Trustee will be playing in your particular case.

Case Manager

The U.S Trustee has the authority to play an active role before the courts in your bankruptcy case. This particular trustee will become more involved in your bankruptcy if there are indications that you are not making a good effort to repay your debts where there is evidence that you are capable of doing so. They will also become actively involved in there is any suspicion that a bankruptcy crime is being attempted. For example, if you were attempting to hide assets.

In Chapter 7 cases the U.S. Trustee will determine if you have met the requirements of the means test. This individual can make the decision that you don’t qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and would then dismiss your case. However, you still have some options. The U.S. trustee works closely with the case trustee.

In Chapter 13 bankruptcies the U.S. trustee oversees the actions and handling of your case by the case trustee. The U.S. trustees have a great deal of authority when it comes to decision making regarding your case, and this is just one of the individuals that your legal counsel may have to deal with when representing you.