The 341 meeting of creditors is an important step in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy process, so being prepared is important.

What is the Meeting of Creditors?

The meeting of creditors is a time to sit down with your trustee and discuss your assets and finances and review your case in general. Your creditors will also be invited to attend this meeting to ask you questions, but they usually don’t show up.

When is the Meeting?

There is a 19-day window of time when this meeting can take place. It can’t be scheduled under 21 days after you file bankruptcy, but it also can’t be scheduled more that 40 days after.

How to Prepare

As always, it is wise to consult your bankruptcy lawyer before heading out to this event. Make sure you’ve gone over all the necessary paperwork and have discussed any changes that have taken place since you filed the initial paperwork. Also, since your bankruptcy petition is a lengthy document, it is smart to review the contents. The petition will detail all the important aspects of your case – finances, income, expenses, debts, and assets. Knowing the details of your particular case will be extremely helpful for the 341 meeting for creditors.

To make sure you take all the right items, read over the checklist below get everything in order:

  • Photo ID
  • Social Security number
  • Mortgage records
  • Car titles
  • Bank statements
  • Tax returns
  • Pay stubs
  • Property deeds

Once you check everything off that list, talk with your Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer, and review your petition, it’s best to relax. Look professional and listen carefully to everything the trustee has to say. Overall, the meeting of creditors is usually quick and easy.