When you are filing for bankruptcy the first thing you want is an experiencedIndiana bankruptcy attorney on your side. From the moment you make this financial decision you are now going to be faced with many additional decisions that could have a direct effect on the outcome of your bankruptcy. Many people try to put as much effort as possible into paying down their debts even though they have decided to go bankrupt. It is just not in their nature not to meet their financial obligations, and even if the payment is not substantial it makes them feel better to make some effort.

Before doing this it is wise to speak to your attorney, as doing this could cause the trustee of your bankruptcy to consider that you have the ability to pay your debt. If you are expecting a tax refund you can use this money towards your legal fees, and your document filing costs. Unfortunately there are costs incurred with filing for bankruptcy, but once these are met, and you are no longer under the extreme pressures of your current financial situation, you will have a fresh financial start. If your past present financial situation came as a result of poor money management then you can now learn from these mistakes going forward. If they were due to uncontrollable circumstances you have at least put your large debt load behind you.

Refunds Paying For Fees

More often than not many individuals want to file for personal bankruptcy but don’t even have the cash on hand to pay for the basic fees. While these are not huge they can create some additional hardship. One possible resource is to use your tax return to meet the costs of the bankruptcy action. The prices change all the time, and it will depend on whether you are filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Your bankruptcy attorney will help you determine which type of bankruptcy is applicable to you, and what filing fees and costs you will incur. There are some circumstances where an individual may be able to pay for their fee in installments or it is totally waived. All of this takes time, and for most people who have made the decision to go bankrupt they just want to get it over and done with. While there may seem like surmountable financial pressure at the time, once the bankruptcy has been completed it should afford a great deal of relief. While most would like to spend their tax returns on other things, for those in financial distress this is not usually an option.