Most people are automatically intimidated by their debt collectors. The person feels bad enough and embarrassed about not being able to keep up with the debt payments, and getting constant reminders about this is disheartening. As a result many debt collectors will become over powering. One thing they cannot do is reveal any information about your debt to someone else. So if you have a concern about others finding out about your debt there should be no worries there.

Harassing Calls

Another big worry for the person who owes money they can’t pay is having the creditor call their work place. This can get some employees into trouble for getting calls at work. If this should happen you have the right to tell the bill collector that they are not to contact you at work again and they must comply.

Bill collectors are not supposed to many excessive or harassing phone calls but the law is a little sketchy as to what constitutes excessive or harassment.

In the long run it is actions such as these that will tend to get individuals who are in financial trouble to start thinking about bankruptcy. They end up getting so fed up with having to deal with debt collectors that they will choose to seek out a bankruptcy attorney to start getting things back on financial track once again. In many cases it is not just one bill collector that is after their money, but several. So even if they are compliant will collection rules, multiple calls in a day from different collectors is over whelming.

Your Louisville bankruptcy attorney can help mediate calls from creditors and keep them from harassing you. Be sure to speak with your attorney about how to protect yourself from unfair credit collection calls while working on your debt relief options.