Anyone that has gone through a bankruptcy once doesn’t cherish the thought of having to do it a second time. They don’t even know if they are allowed to. There are no regulations that say you can only claim bankruptcy a certain number of times. This is unless a bankruptcy court made an order pertaining to this.

The Rules

There are some other factors involved. If you are looking to have these new debts discharged in a new bankruptcy then it will depend if you had previously had debts discharged in your previous one. There is a time period that must elapse and some conditions. It will depend on which type of bankruptcy you went through previous. It will also depend on whether that bankruptcy was discharge or dismissed. It will also depend on whether it was dismissed with prejudice, as well as the date you last filed your bankruptcy.

If you are going for a second bankruptcy you definitely will want to use the services of a good Louisville bankruptcy lawyer, even if you didn’t the first time.

If your previous bankruptcy was a Chapter 7 and you have been discharged you will have to wait eight years from that date in order to file another Chapter 7. If it was Chapter 13 that you completed before then you will have to wait two years after the first one was filed.

There will be specific rules and circumstances that will arise in regards to your second bankruptcy. You want to be sure of what your rights, are and make sure that you are receiving the right advice and assistance before actually entering into a second bankruptcy application.