You may have run into a situation that has left you with a mountain of debt, and you have decided that filing for bankruptcy is the only way to get your life back. It is possible for you to file personal bankruptcy and become a pro se litigant. 

If you become a pro se litigant but need questions answered and procedures explained, be aware that bankruptcy judges and court employees are prohibited from extending legal advice. This alone is sufficient reason to seek the help of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer from the very beginning. Learn how else an attorney can help you.

Understanding the law

A pro se litigant must follow the rules set out in federal court and understand both the United States Bankruptcy Code and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. Unless you were a law student at one time, you will probably not be familiar with these documents, but a bankruptcy attorney works with them on a regular basis. Furthermore, your attorney will be up to date on any recent changes that would affect your case.

Your legal assistant

If you file as a pro se litigant and either misunderstand the law or make a procedural mistake, your rights could be affected and your case could be dismissed. Turn to an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will explain the law, give you advice as to which chapter to file, and answer your many questions about the bankruptcy process and consequences. Most of all, your attorney will take charge of filing your bankruptcy petition the right way so that you can enjoy a fresh start in life.