One of the first things you are going to want to do after your bankruptcy has been concluded is to reestablish your credit so you can move forward as you are much more stable with your finances. Naturally you are not going to want to go right back into debt after having had such a bad experience with your finances. However, there may be in the future and need to obtain credit and you need to start building this credit at the conclusion of your bankruptcy.

You will find that it is necessary for you to check your credit report and don’t be surprised if you do find that there are some errors on this. Fortunately with the Fair Credit Reporting Act you can now take steps to rectify this.

You will want to write a dispute letter that is supported with any evidence in regards to the error. Make sure that you make copies of the letter and information that you are sending. You may also want to send everything by certified mail to ensure that it gets delivered and it is been acknowledged that the credit bureau has received it.

If you are talking to them on the phone make sure that you document the conversation and who you were speaking with. It is important that you be as detailed as possible regarding the error so that it can be handled swiftly.

If you don’t hear anything back within a short period of time make sure that you follow up in a few days with the credit bureau to see that they are working on the matter or if there’s any issues that they have come across in regards to rectifying it.

While you may be able to discuss this problem over the phone it is always a better to handle the credit dispute by way of letter so that you have proof that you have been pursuing this in the event that there is some issues with having the error removed. This is not something that you want to let go and if there is a problem then you should discuss this with your Louisville bankruptcy attorney who handled your case for you.