In Kentucky and other states in the south, southern hospitality is often exhibited by its residents. For some, this goes beyond saying kind words and simple gestures. In some cases, this means presenting an entire persona and atmosphere in their home, and in order to achieve this, many will spend countless dollars. This type of spending, along with holiday shopping and other unnecessary expenses, is why so many Americans struggle with credit card debt.

While over using a credit card could be a symptom of a larger problem, such as a job loss or surmounting medical debt, racking up credit card debt for unnecessary expenses is a major reason why so many individuals struggle with this type of debt.

For those living in the southern region of the United States, credit card debt is the highest. In fact, according the current data, out of the top 10 states with the most credit card debt racked up, nine of them were from the south.

When credit card debt is not addressed but rather added to, this means the debt continues to grow not only due to spending but also because of the interest charged. When looking at the average amount of credit card debt in these states, this is, on average, around $8,000. And with a median income landing somewhere around $40,000 in these states, it would take roughly 17 months to pay off this debt is a debtor puts aside 15% of their income to address this debt.

The unfortunate reality is that an individual likely has more than just credit card debt. This makes it challenging to pay down this and other debt is such a time frame. And when it becomes unmanageable, resulting in missed payments, a debtor will seek out options to reduce or eliminate this debt. Filing for bankruptcy or seeking bankruptcy alternatives may be the best step the take.

Although it is easy to reach for a credit card to pay for an expense, this spending habit can quickly turn into a financial burden. Speaking with a legal professional about your options could help one get through this financially troubling time. Filing for bankruptcy or another debt relief option may be ones best option when it comes to getting a fresh financial start.