It can be pretty disappointing and even shocking if you go through an entire bankruptcy process only to have it denied. It should be kept in mind that bankruptcy doesn’t mean that all debts are going to be wiped out. Secured debt, or tax debt, and student loan debt are all debts that can be difficult to deal with in a bankruptcy. 


There are times where an entire bankruptcy can be denied. This is usually a result of the failure to comply with the requirements or bankruptcy laws being violated. It could be that you failed to complete a credit counseling course or that your actions may be seen as an attempt to be fraudulent. For example, you may have done something innocently with your property prior to your bankruptcy that looks suspicious. Not providing substantial information about your debts could be another issue. These are just a few of several examples of what could cause bankruptcy denial.

It is most important that you hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, and that you be totally upfront and honest about your entire financial situation. Hiding something from your legal counsel or the courts poses a real threat towards having your bankruptcy fail.

Remember that everything you tell your Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer is held in confidence so you should be totally open about your financial situation, even if you feel that you have done something wrong leading up to your bankruptcy. Sometimes people transfer assets to another person prior to a bankruptcy thinking this is a way to protect the asset. When in fact, this could cause you a great deal of difficulty in your bankruptcy filing.