There is of course the general mistakes that can be made when an individual files for bankruptcy on their own. These are not filing the right forms, or filling them in improperly. Some think that the most that can happen from these types of mistakes is it will just mean a delay. However, the consequences can be more detrimental than a delay.

Going It Alone

One of the biggest and potentially costly mistakes is not choosing the proper exemptions. These play a very important role in the outcome of the bankruptcy. There are common Federal as well as State exemptions and knowing which ones to choose or which ones you can choose can be quite complicated.

It is important you know how to list and value your property and making a mistake here could cost you dearly, and could even mean you lose it. Then there is knowing which bankruptcy chapter applies to you, or even if your circumstances qualify for this type of debt relief.

Of course there are creditors that are going to be involved and they will be well versed in the bankruptcy laws. You need someone on your side like a New Albany bankruptcy attorney that is going to be able to handle these creditors if they are complying with the rules and regulations. There are many different segments to go through regarding a bankruptcy and if you are going to tackle these on your own then you need to be well prepared and well versed in the law.