If you have begun the process of bankruptcy on your own and have decided to go under a Chapter 7, it may be possible that the judge will deny or dismiss your Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There are a few reasons where this can take place. If it is been deemed that you are not eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and are not willing to convert to a Chapter 13 which you may be eligible for, then your bankruptcy will be dismissed.

It could be that you filed for bankruptcy relief in the past and did not qualify and your case was dismissed then the same will happen unless circumstances have changed. If you filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the past eight year period of the date that you are now filing for your new Chapter 7 bankruptcy, then you will also be turned down.

The best the thing that you can do, once you decide that your financial situation is so dire that you have no other recourse but to go for a bankruptcy, is to seek out a qualified bankruptcy attorney.

A bankruptcy expert can assist you right from the beginning in making the decision and then in determining which chapter is most applicable to you. A Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney can also see you through the entirety of the bankruptcy action. If individuals have told you that there’s nothing to filing a bankruptcy, then they’re mistaken.

There are a lot of steps that have to be taken but when done properly it is an excellent form of debt relief that allows individuals in bad financial situations to get a new start.