The bankruptcy process can be overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t have to be. While working with your New Albany bankruptcy lawyer, be sure to follow a few simple tricks for making the most out of your case:

DO ask questions – your bankruptcy lawyer is a resource so be sure to ask questions about the process and what to expect.

DO organize your documents – before meeting with your lawyer and discussing your petition, organize your financial records and have copies of paychecks, bank statements, bills, tax returns and any fund or benefit statements.

DO stay in contact – if anything changes to your debts, income, assets or funds be sure to tell your bankruptcy lawyer right way to ensure the court is notified and your case remains active.

DON’T provide false information – always be accurate and honest when discussing your case or completing the filing petition. Lying about the nature of your finances, debts, or assets can be problematic and may land you with a dismissal and under suspicions of fraud.

DON’T forget to comply with the requirements – part of your duty in a bankruptcy case is to complete a credit counseling course within the 180 days of your filing, as well as paying the necessary court filing fees and attending the 341 Meeting of creditors.

DON’T exit without a plan – successfully completing a bankruptcy offers you a unique opportunity for taking control over your financial future. Be sure you have a budget in hand and ready to follow, as well as a plan for credit monitoring and rebuilding.