When an individual runs into financial difficulty often they are not able to meet many of their financial obligations. Most times they will try and pay those debts that have a security against them in order to stop the creditors from seizing them. This may be the mortgage on their home, or their vehicle. When those that have to pay child support get behind in their payments they wonder if bankruptcy will help with this.

Ineligible Debt

Child support arrears is not a debt that will get discharged in bankruptcy. That doesn’t mean that you should feel that bankruptcy will be of no value to you. It could turn out that many of your other debts will get discharged. Once this happens it could very well put you into a better financial position where you can meet your child support obligations.

It is important that you deal with your child support arrears as quickly as possible. This is a debt that will not come under the automatic stay. The child support creditors still have the option of taking some sort of collection action against you.

Be sure to discuss with your Indiana bankruptcy lawyer all of the debts you have including your child support arrears. The creditors here can continue to try and collect against any exempt property that has been excluded from your bankruptcy. The laws surrounding bankruptcy can be complex and each case is different, and for this reason you really need someone guiding you that has expertise in this area of the law.