The holidays are a time of joy, happiness, gift giving, and lots of food. They are also a time of spending money. This holiday season, protect your finances by being prepared and following these holiday money management tips: 

  1. Moonlight. Jobs are more prevalent around the holidays, and if you can find a good holiday job, you might be able to save up enough to buy gifts for all your family and friends. Take a part time job or work extra hours to get a little extra money.
  1. Save during the year. The holidays are expensive; this shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. By saving up during the year, you can prepare for the holidays and be more financially stable when they arrive.
  1. Make a gift giving plan. Many extended families draw names from a hat, ensuring each family member only has to give gifts to a few others. This lessons the financial burden on everybody and makes gift giving more equal. Another good idea is to set a cap on the price of gifts.
  1. Book any travel plans early. If you know you will be headed home for the holidays, make plans early – especially if you will travel by plane. The earlier you buy your tickets, the less expensive they will be.
  1. Be cautious about borrowing. Some people get caught up in the stresses of the season and aren’t able to keep track of their credit card spending. Stay aware of what you are borrowing, and always pay your bills on time.

By following these five tips, you will have a more comfortable and stress-free holiday season.