Many Kentucky residents who are facing increasingly insurmountable debt wonder if filing for bankruptcy might give them a chance to get their financial affairs in order. If you list yourself among them, you may feel hesitant to file for bankruptcy due to concerns about it hurting your credit. While filing for bankruptcy typically does impact your credit score, so, too, does failing to stay on top of your bills. Also, there are certain steps you might take after filing to help build back your credit.

Per Chase Bank, you may be able to rebuild your credit faster and more efficiently after filing for bankruptcy by taking the following three steps.

1. Start making all payments on time

It may sound easier than it is, but missing payments, or making payments late, has a substantial and negative effect on your credit score. If certain accounts do not factor into your bankruptcy case, make sure you stay current on them.

2. Find a co-signer

You may also be able to build back credit faster by finding someone who has good credit and is willing to co-sign on a loan or credit card for you. Repaying the loan or making those credit card payments should help you rebuild credit more quickly.

3. Become an authorized user

Another option involves becoming an authorized user on the account of someone with strong credit.  This involves the other party trusting you because he or she is the one on the hook for any debts that go unpaid – not you.

While it is true that bankruptcy impacts your credit, the change is not permanent. Making these efforts may help you regain control over your finances even faster.