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Shively, Kentucky Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are one of the eighty percent of Americans living with some amount of debt, you need to speak with a compassionate and driven Shively, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible. Contact the Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center today if you would like more information about the bankruptcy process in Kentucky and the services our attorneys provide.

Bankruptcy Lawyer | Here for Financially Struggling Clients in Shively, Kentucky

For most Americans, debt is simply a part of life. Debt is accumulated by going to school, buying a car or home, using a credit card, getting medical care and more. Very few people manage to avoid debt altogether. Most are lucky to just keep it under control. Unfortunately, keeping it under control is not easy, especially with high-interest rates and late fees. Many hardworking people find that despite every effort they make, their debt has spiraled out of control. Soon, they are faced with creditor harassment, foreclosure, car repossession, wage garnishment and more. Our Shively, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer will help you understand your options and mount a counteroffensive.

Our Consumer Bankruptcy Services

Have you accumulated debts while procuring life’s necessities? If you have, then you need a Shively, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer who prides themselves on serving clients regarding the following topics:

Our Business Bankruptcy Services

Have you accrued debts in the standard course of business? If so, then you should speak with a member of the Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center for assistance in the following areas:

Our Debt Relief Services

Everyone’s debt is different, but even so, our experienced Shively, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer has thirty-eight years of combined experience helping clients in the following areas:

Contact a Shively, Kentucky Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

Being indebted can feel alienating. However, you should never undertake this process on your own. Contact the Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center for effective guidance through the whole bankruptcy process.

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