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Hurstbourne, Kentucky Bankruptcy Lawyer

You need a highly competent Hurstbourne, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer if you have mounting debts that threaten your financial future. Contact the Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center if you would like to learn more about how Kentucky conducts bankruptcy proceedings and how our attorneys can use their combined thirty-eight years of experience to help you.

Bankruptcy Lawyer | Here for Financially Struggling Clients in Hurstbourne, Kentucky

For some people, crippling debt comes in the wake of the loss of a job or a catastrophic illness. For others, debts accumulate at a gradual rate, such that the individuals are not aware that they are in over their heads. Wherever you are in the debt management process, our Hurstbourne, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer can help. For nearly four decades, we have assisted clients all over Kentucky and southern Indiana in taking proactive steps to stop wage garnishment and protect their vehicles from repossession. Hundreds of clients and their families have benefitted from our superior legal services.

Our Consumer Bankruptcy Services

When a person is unable to pay his or her debts, they start a legal process known as bankruptcy. As our Hurstbourne, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer knows, there are various sorts of bankruptcy and they are all governed by federal law. When someone can’t repay the debts they accrued for personal necessities, they file for consumer bankruptcy. The Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center provides the following services:

Our Business Bankruptcy Services

Through business bankruptcy, eligible companies’ debts are eliminated or put on a repayment plan. Creditors receive a portion of debt repayment through the debtor’s available assets. With that in mind, our Hurstbourne, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer helps in the following areas:

Our Debt Relief Services

The Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center will fight for the partial or total forgiveness of debt and/or the slowing or stopping of debt growth owed by individuals, including:

The Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center also Handles Debt Lawsuit Defense Claims

While not every creditor will file a lawsuit, you can expect the ones that do to make a grab for all of your income and assets. Do not panic, because if you fail to respond, a court may issue a default judgment against you and decide in the creditor’s favor. Our Hurstbourne, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer has the experience and finesse to tailor an effective response to your creditor’s lawsuit. Do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Contact a Hurstbourne, Kentucky Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

Being indebted can be an alienating experience. Rest assured that our attorneys at the Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center will do everything in their power to make this time less stressful. To fight back against debt collectors, contact us today.

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