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Jeffersontown, Kentucky Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are behind on your payments and have mounting debt, you need a highly qualified Jeffersontown, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer who can help you take your life back. For more information on how the bankruptcy process works in Kentucky and how our legal team can assist you, contact Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center today.

Bankruptcy Lawyer | Here for Financially Struggling Clients in Jeffersontown, Kentucky

From harassing phone calls from creditors and collections agencies to the threat of losing your car to repossession or home to foreclosure, our experienced Jeffersontown, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer can help you and your family get through this exacting process. Our attorneys at the Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center have over thirty-eight years of combined experience handling bankruptcy filings.

Our Consumer Bankruptcy Services

Our skilled Jeffersontown, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer is committed to offering our clients with debt relief options that serve their best interests and are designed to give them peace of mind. That being said, our legal team has the know-how to deal with the following legal areas:

Our Business Bankruptcy Services

At Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center, we work tirelessly to protect businesses and individuals in the following areas:

Our Debt Relief Services

Whether your financial burden was created by a life-changing event like divorce, job loss or a medical condition, our Jeffersontown, Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer understands that all you want is to be able to catch up on your bills and begin rebuilding your life. With the help of the attorneys at the Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center, you can take the necessary steps to get back on your feet and move on with your life in the following areas:

Contact a Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

Around eighty percent of Americans live with some amount of debt. Contact the Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center for help getting out of this unfortunate group.

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