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The Crushing Weight Of Medical Debt

No one plans on suffering a catastrophic injury or developing a serious illness. These things simply happen without warning. And even though health insurance can cover some portion of a person’s medical bills, it is usually not enough to cover all of a person’s expenses, meaning they are often left trying to manage their recovery while facing steep medical bills too.

At our law firm, Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center, we know the fear and frustration medical debts cause, and we understand that it has probably left you feeling like you can’t catch up on their doctors’ bills and hospital expenses. We don’t believe that anyone should have to suffer needlessly under medical debt, which is why we offer smart solutions that help everyday people manage their debt and take control of their lives once more.

Your Options For Managing Your Debt

Depending on your eligibility and the type of bankruptcy you qualify for, you may be able to discharge all or some of your medical bills, allowing you to move on with your life. Your two options are:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: This allows you to discharge all of your medical debt along with any other unsecured debts (with some exceptions). Though there is no limit to the amount of debt you can discharge, your disposable income must be low enough to pass a means test, which will determine your eligibility for debt relief.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: This allows you to restructure your medical debt, making it easier to pay back over time.

We Offer Individualized Support To Meet Your Needs

By giving you personalized solutions that meet your current and future needs, Schwartz Bankruptcy Law Center allows you to head into the bankruptcy process well-informed and confident about the decision you have made. The suggestions made by our lawyers are backed by over 38 years of experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about the debt relief solutions we provide or would like us to help you discharge your medical debt in bankruptcy, contact our firm and speak to one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys. To reach our Louisville, Kentucky, office, call 502-485-9200 or call 812-945-9200 to reach our New Albany, Indiana, office. You may also schedule a free initial consultation online.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.