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February 2015 Archives

What Happens to Law Suit Judgements in Bankruptcy?

The main reason that most people go bankrupt is to get their creditors off their back, and to be able to hold onto what they own. Plus, it is looked upon as a new start. All too often people enter into a bankruptcy under the assumption that every debt they own or that any law suit judgements in place against them are going to be totally wiped out. 

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Many times a marriage breakdown includes financial distress. The divorce itself is probably not going to do much for rectifying the financial issues that are present in the relationship. This type of circumstance often raises the question, which should the couple do first? 

What Happens to Your Tax Debt in Bankruptcy?

To understand how your tax debt will be dealt with in a bankruptcy you first have to understand that there are two different ways to go about filing for bankruptcy. There is the Chapter 7 and the Chapter 13. Whichever one you are eligible for will determine how your tax debt is handled. 

Should You Pay Bankruptcy Debt With Your Tax Return?

As soon as you know the right decision for you is to file for bankruptcy, your next step should be in setting up a consultation with an experienced Kentucky bankruptcy attorney. Right from this point on you will feel a sense of relief that you are no longer alone regarding your debt situation. Most people who have to file for bankruptcy are not doing so easily, they simply have no other choice.

What is Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention?

Most people that are in debt have not gotten into this situation intentionally. They may have started out financially stable and feeling secure extended themselves financially more than they should have. Unforeseen circumstances erupted and the debt was no longer easy to handle. Once payments started to get behind it became impossible to get back on track.

Tax Refunds & Bankruptcy

When you are filing for bankruptcy the first thing you want is an experiencedIndiana bankruptcy attorney on your side. From the moment you make this financial decision you are now going to be faced with many additional decisions that could have a direct effect on the outcome of your bankruptcy. Many people try to put as much effort as possible into paying down their debts even though they have decided to go bankrupt. It is just not in their nature not to meet their financial obligations, and even if the payment is not substantial it makes them feel better to make some effort.

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