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What is the Debtor Education Requirement?

Bankruptcy credit counseling is one per-requisite for filing for bankruptcy, and the second one is debtor education. If you have not completed these then your bankruptcy lawyer will direct you as to how to comply with these two requirements, as your case cannot proceed without them.

The Credit Counseling Requirement in Bankruptcy

One of the first steps your Louisville bankruptcy lawyer will suggest you do to save yourself some time is to complete two important requirements. First you need to prove to the courts that you attended debt counseling. This has to be done at least 180 days before you file for your bankruptcy. The credit counseling must be carried out with a government approved organization. Plus, you will have to take a debtor education course. Without this your debts will not be discharged.

Is Bankruptcy Your Only Option?

Depending on your financial circumstances it may be that bankruptcy is your best option, although it may not be your only one. You may have an opportunity to consolidate your debts, but is this really going to get you of a dire financial situation, or just prolong your money agony? Your first step is to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer. These professionals are assisting people all the time that have run into a bad money situation. They are experienced at knowing just how bad a financial situation is. Most times they have dealt with other clients who tried other bankruptcy options, but in the end filing for this debt relief was their only option, and would have been their best choice right from the beginning.

Does Bankruptcy Get Rid of My Credit Card Debt?

One of the main reasons many people run into financial problems is over their credit cards. More often than not, they don't just have one of these cards that they are using, but have several. This is a dangerous financial pitfall and one that should be avoided. Unfortunately if you have become debt loaded with credit card financing your own option may be to file for bankruptcy. You will want to check with a Louisville bankruptcy lawyer to decide if your credit card debt will be fully discharged should you decide and qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy relief.

Avoid the Confusion of Filing For Bankruptcy

This is a legal expert that specializes in the field of bankruptcy. This professional specifically deals with the different legal areas of bankruptcy. These include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy act. The bankruptcy lawyer deals with specific debts that may be creating the need for this type of financial action which could be credit card or medical bills, for example.

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