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December 2014 Archives

What Damages Your Credit Score?

The importance of credit scores is a fairly new phenomenon. Even in the fairly recent past, credit scores weren't as important as they are today. Regular public education doesn't teach what can help you get a good credit score or what damages it. It's important to understand these negative influences on your score to avoid trouble later on.

What Happens to Property in Bankruptcy?

One worry that many people have upon declaring bankruptcy is in regards to their property. With many debt collection agencies making false threats about possessing a debtor's home or car, borrowers are unsurprisingly scared about what it might mean to declare bankruptcy. The good news for them is that bankruptcy exists in part to allow debtors to hold on to their possessions. There are a number of types of bankruptcy, some of which enable debtors to keep all of their assets. The important thing is to declare bankruptcy before you begin selling off your most valuable possessions to pay your debts. 

What Happens to My Debts in Bankruptcy?

Many people declare bankruptcy as a way of getting rid of their debts. Just as many people, if not more, wonder how this is possible. What happens to the debts after a person declares bankruptcy? Do the lenders ever get the money that they are owed? This depends largely on the type of bankruptcy that a person declares. For the purposes of this blog, we will discuss two basic types of bankruptcy in Kentucky and what happens to an individual's debt in each case. 

Manage Your Finances the Right Way this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy, happiness, generosity, great food, cold weather, and gift giving. Just like every year, the presents seem more expensive than ever before. This holiday season, instead of waiting until the last minute and having to pay the most expensive prices for the last gifts available, make a smarter decision. Shop as early as possible, and start looking for sales now. Also make sure your finances are prepared for the spending you are about to do. 

A Fresh Start In Bankruptcy

You may have heard the popular phrase "Bankruptcy gives you a fresh start" and wonder what it means. Can it really set me on a new path? Does this mean I won't owe anything anymore? Is the slate ever truly clean? Let's answer some of the questions surrounding the concept of 'fresh start'.

Tax Season and Healthcare

The 2015 tax season will be the first where all filers must report their health insurance status. With the Affordable Care Act now in place, the new system will definitely impact your taxes. 

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