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September 2014 Archives

Wage Garnishment is a Growing Problem

A growing trend of wage garnishment from lenders has many debtors worried. While wage garnishment has typically been reserved for child support cases, more people who owe on debt may face this consequence. Wage garnishment is when a creditor has legal right to take a certain amount of a person's salary to pay off a

Don't Lie About Your Assets

A Palm Beach couple was denied a debt discharge last week for attempting to hide assets in their bankruptcy filing. Not only is the couple not going to be eligible to discharge their $2.9 million of debt, but they could face up to five years in jail and a $250,000 fine. When Is It Fraud? 

Where Is My Good Credit Score?

Most of us tend to ignore our credit score until we are alerted to a problem or get ready to apply for a loan. If you are like most Americans your score probably isn't as good as you hoped, but that doesn't mean you can't get a good score. What's Dragging It Down? The credit 

Making The Most Out Of An Inheritance

Inheriting money can be a confusing time. Often coming after the loss of a loved one, deciding what to do with the money or fund accounts can be a difficult decision. While most people tend to spend a little and save the rest, here are a few other ways you can spend your inheritance: Emergency 

FICO Changes May Be A Flop

After much anticipation of the new FICO scoring system, it seems that it's release may not be as beneficial as once hoped. While those bogged down by medical debt are still likely to see some improvement in their score, the benefits may stop short. Change Matters The FICO 9 scoring system was launched earlier this 

Tips for Minimizing Your Debt

Many Americans struggle with debt of some kind; credit card debt and student loan debt are the most common types. Debt can build up quickly and unexpectedly and is often a terrible burden for affected individuals and families. To minimize your debts, read the following tips: Eliminate unnecessary payments. Choose a less expensive cable plan 

The Consequences of Debt

Most Americans are terrified by the possibility of being swallowed by debt. Debt is a difficult burden to bear and affects every other aspect of a sufferer's life. In addition, not being able to pay back creditors can lead to many consequences. A few of those consequences are listed here: Debt collection agencies. When lenders

Thinking About A Payday Loan?

Think again. They may have the lure of quick cash, but they often are a costly mistake. Here's why: Insane interest rates Payday loan companies are the king of charging extremely high interest rates on their loans, some as high as triple digits. Yes, interest rates can be over 100% in many cases. That is 

IRS Tax Debt Phone Scam

The Internal Revenue Service is warning consumers about a recent phone scam that is circulating. With the fear of consequences for tax debt remain high among consumers who struggle to pay their liabilities, scam artists seek out and target them during their most vulnerable times. Here is what the IRS wants you to know about 

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