Month: September 2014

FICO Changes May Be A Flop

After much anticipation of the new FICO scoring system, it seems that it's release may not be as beneficial as once hoped. While those bogged down by medical debt are still likely to see some improvement in their score, the benefits may stop short. Change Matters The...

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The Consequences of Debt

Most Americans are terrified by the possibility of being swallowed by debt. Debt is a difficult burden to bear and affects every other aspect of a sufferer's life. In addition, not being able to pay back creditors can lead to many consequences. A few of those...

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IRS Tax Debt Phone Scam

The Internal Revenue Service is warning consumers about a recent phone scam that is circulating. With the fear of consequences for tax debt remain high among consumers who struggle to pay their liabilities, scam artists seek out and target them during their most...

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