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August 2014 Archives

Car Loans And Bankruptcy

If you are considering buying a car there are some things to consider about the timing of your purchase. We can't always predict a financial hardship, so it is important to know how your auto loan could be affected both before and after a bankruptcy. 

Including Tax Debts In Bankruptcy

You may have heard that you cannot discharge certain debts in bankruptcy, like student loans or back taxes. While there is some partial truth to this concept, the truth is that both are dischargeable if certain stipulations are met. For unpaid tax debts, you may be eligible to include them in your bankruptcy case if: 

Changes To Credit Scores Coming

If you are like most people you probably don't check your credit report often, unless you need to apply for something or have been alerted to a problem. Not only is this habit not healthy for your financial profile, but you could be missing out on some important changes to come. 

Finance Tips For Young Adults

Once you become 18 there is a surge of urgency to secure your adulthood with adult things, like a credit card. While this is certainly an exciting time young adults need some guidance to realize the long road ahead, and more so that they don't want that road to be riddled with debt. Here are some tips for young adults looking to start out on the right financial foot: 

Navigating Bankruptcy

Dealing with the paperwork and the red tape surrounding bankruptcy is a lot of work and takes research and preparation. It doesn't have to be a stress-filled disaster, though, if you follow a few tips. The best weapons against failure are understanding the process and knowing when to seek help from a professional New Albany bankruptcy lawyer. 

What Credit Counseling Can Do For You

In certain cases, it's obvious when it's time to go ahead and file for bankruptcy. Overwhelming debt and constant calls from creditors indicate a need for a removal of or repayment plan for the incurred debts. Other times, though, it may not be so clear. Maybe you think there's still a chance to clear the debt on your own or it doesn't seem too worrisome just yet. If there's any doubt or question, it could be time to receive credit counseling from a Louisville bankruptcy attorney. 

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