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June 2014 Archives

Proving A Debt Isn't Yours

If you have been contacted by a debt collector claiming you owe money you may be either annoyed or confused. If you question the legitimacy of the call or the debt in question, it is important you know how to dispute debt allegations properly.

Credit vs Debit Cards

Remember when most of your purchases were made by cash or check? And you balanced your budget using a check register? Those days seem gone to the past, which leaves us to wonder whether the switch to more convenient spending using plastic has had any effect on how we manage our money. For most of us, staying within our budget and out of debt isn't always easy. So which of the two types of plastic is better for your finances?

Economy Reportedly Stalling, Again

These days reports of a turbulent economy rising and falling hard are commonplace. Since the recession there has been fewer reports of improvement than downfalls. As the numbers roll in from the first, and soon second, quarters of this year it seems we aren't doing as well as we hoped.

What To Know About Bankruptcy Fraud

You may have heard news reports over the years of big names or celebrities in trouble for bankruptcy fraud. While some may have taken purposeful action to land into the hot seat, some simply made crucial mistakes unknowingly. If you or any one you know is seeking help with debts in a bankruptcy in Kentucky, it is important to know a few of the actions that could be suspicious in the eyes of the court.

Debt Relief Company Charged Over Scam

Debt relief companies come a dime a dozen, which means the chances that any one of the offices you walk into for help could be a scam. Unfortunately, more of these types of companies are taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers that are in need of debt relief services. The latest company charged by the Federal Trade Commission could be facing serious consequences.

Study Finds Bankruptcy Saves Homes

Anyone experiencing the threat of foreclosure knows just how important it is to want to save their home. With the foreclosure rate still hovering around all time highs, many more people will face the risk of foreclosure in the years to come. Luckily, there are options that can help. ALouisville bankruptcy is one of them. In fact, a study found that filing for bankruptcy was more effective at saving homes from foreclosure than other methods of mortgage debt resolution.

Teaching Kids About Money

As parents, we tend to focus on education, values, and eating veggies as the important things in our life lessons. However, financial literacy among our younger generations is rapidly declining. A survey conducted by American Consumer Credit Counseling revealed that 91% of Americans believe personal finance should be a required high school course; most likely due to the shocking finding that only 36% of teens know who to balance a checkbook or bank account. With children learning much of their later life habits from watching their parents, it is more important than ever to set an example and actively teach our kids about money.

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